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As you work you way through this website you will notice that there are many topics to
study.  The main purpose of this website is to provide a venue for golfers to study the
game of golf as a whole.  For those of you that are interested mainly in the process of
developing the games physical skills you will find that information under the headings of
Stage One - Developing Your Fundamentals, Stage Two - Developing Your Techniques,
and Stage Three - Power3Golf - Discovering Your Biomechanics.  Stage Four - Playing
the Game discusses the topics needed to become a better player as compared to
developing sound swing techniques.  In general I recommend that golfers who begin the
game as adults start with Stage One, progress to Stage Two, follow-up with Stage Three,
and then complete their training with Stage Four.  Though this is the case, all topics are
organized in such a way that you can gain valuable information by studying them
independently.  In general, mastering Stage One and then learning applying Stage Four
principles is sufficient for those golfers wanting to play recreational golf.  It is also a great
way to get junior golfers started in the game.  Avid Golfers and Club Play golfers are
usually more ambitious and will want to add Stage Two training into their games.  Golfers
that truly want to
OWN THEIR SWINGS will need master Stage Three training.  The
slogan for Stage Three biomechanics is "Secrets of Owning your Swing."  This is because
it is possible for each and every one of you to Own Your Own Swing.  You simply need to
know what type of swing your body is designed to utilize. Golfers that truly want to own
their games will need to master Stage Four training.  As you study the topics presented in
this website, keep in mind that most of the topics will be discussed in general terms.  They
are being discussed generally because the point is to introduce you to options that are
possible for your game.  There are many different ways to swing, and there are many
different ways to play the game, and it is quite a task for each individual to find his or her
own way in the game.  Therefore the New Horizons Golf Approach is committed to helping
all golfers find their own way in the game.  In doing so this website will have to cover a lot
of material and it is more practical to do so in general terms.  If you find a topic that you
find helpful and would like to study it in more detail you will find a variety of books authored
by EA Tischler explaining the topics in more detail.  If you are interested in a topic that has
yet to be covered in detail in one of the New Horizons Golf Approach Publications, then
simply e-mail your interested to EA Tischler and he will do his best to direct you to
publications that are more suited to your needs.  EA Tischler has already authored 21
books that discuss Stage One, Stage Two, and some of the Stage Four issues.  He is
currently writing a series of books related to Stage Three biomechanics.  Two of those
books are currently available.  There are also a variety of Stage Four books being
currently written and will become available as each is completed.  The development of this
website will be an ongoing endeavor.   So, check back periodically to see if there are new
topics you might be interested in studying.  Lastly, we thank you in advance for your
patience as far as adding new information to the website.  EA Tischler travels regularly to
coach in golf schools and seminars.  If you are interested in him coming to your facility
please e-mail him your requests.  
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"EA Tischler is one of the brightest minds in golf.  He is a fantastic teacher and his
book "Secrets Of Owning Your Swing" is genius.  First there was "The Golfing
Machine," then "the LAW's of the Golf Swing," then "The Plane Truth for Golfer's"
and now you have "Secrets Of Owning Your Swing." This book compliments the
others and  moves full swing instruction forward.  It is a must read for any serious
 Mike Adams - Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher and Golf Digest Top 50 Teacher

New Horizons Golf Approach
I n n o v a t i v e  C o a c h i n g  F o r  G o l f e r s
Secrets Of Owning Your Swing Book Series:
Experience the best golf of your life.
Become a New Horizons Golfer!
It was a pleasure working with a lot of talented professionals that were involved in this book.  I believe you will all find it an
interesting read and very valuable to helping you develop a swing you can own for a life time.  Chapter 3 (by Mike Adams) and
Chapter 4 (Which Jim Hardy, Jim McLean and myself authored) help map out the process of understanding YOUR Body
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Edward A. Tischler II is Founder of the New Horizons
Golf Approach, Power-of-3 Golf Biomechanics,
Fore54 Golf and Co-Founder of BioSwing Dynamics.
Beginning April of 2013 E.A. Tischler will be the Director of
Instruction for Inverness Club in Toledo, Ohio.  He is
honored to become a part of the club's professional staff.  
Inverness Club is a nationally recognized private club,
building on a rich heritage to provide its members and
guests a memorable experience.  

Inverness Club was established in 1903 and began to build
its reputation and place in American Golf during th 1920 US
Open.  During that open, for the first time anywhere,
Inverness Club members opened the clubhouse doors to
the golf professionals.

Inverness Club has hosted 4 U.S. Opens, including the first
Open Bobby Jones ever played in, the U.S. Amateur in
1973, 2 PGA Championships, 2 U.S. Senior Opens and the
Inverness Invitational Four Ball from 1935-1942, and
1946-1952.  In 1953 the Inverness Invitational was played as
a 72-hole stroke play event and it was won by Jackie Burke,
Jr.   The Invitational Four-Ball had a host of other famous
winners.  Jimmy Demaret and Ben Hogan teamed up to win
4 of them.  Sam Snead won 4 with 3 different partners.  
Henry Picard and Johnny Revolta teamed together to win
the event twice.

Byron Nelson served as the Head Professional from 1940 to
1944, and recognized Inverness as his "home course."  I
invite you to visit Inverness Club's website to study more of
its rich heritage.
New Horizons & BioSwing
Dynamics Coaches:
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the pictures to see the coaches page for
information on these coaches and others.

Kuniko Tischler
Pin-High Golf Center, CA
also Ohio & Japan
Become a Certified BioSwing
Dynamics Instructor:
The Program is a 6 part program that takes the guess
work out of Instruction. When you have completed the
program you will be a Master Instructor

Next Level One Certification Course:
February 23rd-24th at Pebble Beach

Next Level Two Certification Course:
April 5th-7th at The Wanderers Club

Please email EA Tischler for information
The New Horizons Golf Approach is the umbrella for E.A. Tischler's
approach to coaching golf.  It involves the Power-of-3 Golf
Biomechanics System, the Fore54 Golf Scoring System along with inner
game teaching to help each golfer reach his or her true potential.  
BioSwing Dynamics is an approach to coaching golf founded by Mike
Adams and E.A. Tischler.  They've combined their experience, efforts
and expertise along with research from other leading scientists,
biomechanists and fitness experts to bring you one of the best
approaches for helping golfers achieve their potential.
E.A. Tischler is honored to be Inverness Club's
Director of Instruction throughout the golf season.

E.A. Tischler

Scott Monroe

EJ Pfister
Oak Tree National, OK

Mark Hackett
Old Palm CC, FL

Mike Adams

Ed Ibarguen
Duke University

Ted Sheftic, PA
Ted Sheftic Learning Center

Don Sargent Jr
Scioto CC, OH

Eric Johnson
Oakmount CC, PA

Bernie Najar
Caves Valley GC, MD

Jason Carbone
Baltusrol Golf Club, NY

VJ Trolio
Old Waverly GC, MS

Kellie Stenzel

Jim Murphy
Sugar Creek CC, TX

Chris Como
Level One Coaches:
Winter 2014-15 - E.A. Tischler will be in Florida.  He
will return to Inverness Club in April of 2015.
Power-Of-3 Golf Schools
Own Your Swing
7-hour Golf School
Tuition - $825.00 individuals, $1,500.00 twosome,          
             $2,100.00 threesomes, $2,600.00 foursomes
             Lunch included
Areas of Focus -
  • Identifying Your Body Mechanics
  • Establishing your Basics Biomechanical Pattern
  • Understanding Your Ground Force Pattern
  • Training to Own Your Swing
December 15th, 2014
April 7th, 2014
E.A. is currently accepting requests for private schools and lessons at Talis Park Golf Club, in Naples, Florida
between December 15th, 2014 and April 7th, 2015. Please email your requests for both  private lessons and
private schools to E.A. Tischler at
December 15th, 2014  
April 7th, 2015
Deadline for each school is by 10pm (eastern time) on Tuesday the week of the school.  Tuition payment is required at the time of registration.  Payment
can be made by credit card, paypal, check, or cash.  If the student cancels after the Tuesday Deadline there will be a $100.00 cancellation fee.  Proper golf
attire is required.
5-hour Short Game School
Tuition - $575.00 individuals, $1050.00 twosomes
              $1425.00 threesomes, $1700.00 foursomes
               lunch included
Areas of Focus -
  • Putting
  • Stroke Saving Shots around the green
  • Wedge Play - 30-100 yards
  • Performance oriented Shot Routine
E.A. is currently accepting requests for private schools and lessons at The Wanderers Club, in Wellington, Florida
(Near West Palm Beach) between December 15th, 2014 and April 7th, 2015.  Please email your requests for both
private lessons and private schools to E.A. Tischler at
Fore54 Scoring Secrets
Golf Schools
Scheduled Schools:
Scheduled Schools:
February 8th - The Wanderers Club - 9am-4pm
February 15th - Talis Park Golf Club - 10am-5pm
February 22nd - The Wanderers Club - 10am-5pm
March 1st - Talis Park Golf Club - 10am-5pm
March 8th -The Wanderers Club - 10am-5pm
February 14th - Talis Park Golf Club - 10am-3pm
February 28th - Talis Park Golf Club - 10am-3pm
More Schools may be added
Private school with groups of 2-4 students can be
customized to suit your needs.  Talis Park will allow
up to 3 students and The Wanderers Club up to 4
students.  Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and
Fridays work well for private schools at Talis Park.  
Wednesdays are the best days for Private Schools
at The Wanderers Club.
Private school with groups of 2-4 students can be
customized to suit your needs.  Talis Park will allow
up to 3 students and The Wanderers Club up to 4
students.  Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and
Fridays work well for private schools at Talis Park.  
Wednesdays are the best days for Private Schools
at The Wanderers Club.
Understanding Your Biomechanics:
Above: Under Golfers Rotate-In-Posture until the
swing reaches the full extension.  Notice how the
head rotates in a relatively stationary location.
Above: Side-On Golfers posture-up through
impact into the full extension and follow-through.
Notice how the head moves upward from impact
into the follow-through.
Above: On-Top Golfers posture-up well before
impact and achieve extension much earlier.  
Notice how the head is moving upward and this
golfers follow-through is well before the Side-On
Above: DTL view of the On-Top golfer
posturing up.  Notice how much the
head has moved as the club swing past
the extension point.
Above: Side-On golfer playing a Clip Shot.  Notice how her head
rotates with the stroke.  That is a common characteristic in Side-On
golf strokes.
Above: Performing a Shoulder-Plane, Under Swing Path, with Counter-Extension Technique.
Left are some examples of corridor
training.  Championship Golf is played
in a corridor down the middle of the
fairway.  Learn to Own your corridor
with the New Horizons Golf Approach.